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Comprehensive list of swimming pool builders and suppliers in Concord, CA offering pool installation, design, construction and maintenance services.

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Your Pool and Spa equipment repair specialists! Call for a free estimate on a new energy efficient pump. Not only will you notice a difference on your energy bill but P.G.&E. is providing mail in rebates to its clients who replace their existing pumps with Multi/Variable Speed Pumps! Tired of dealing with toxic diatomaceous earth?

Why Buy Chlorine? Make your own Don't Salt Your Pool! Our pool water management chlorinator technology turns ordinary salt into the purest pool chemicals, sanitizing and maintaining your pool water safely and economically without hassles or headaches. No salt water pool system does what the Genie does.

  • Best friends with a Chlorine Genie owner....swim there all the time and love it! I have

The Chlorine Genie Chlorinator and Pool Water Management System manufactures five important pool chemicals making your pool care simpler, safer, and economical. Our salt chlorine generator technology is a true breakthrough not another "salt water pool" system. Enjoy crystal clear luxurious non-irritating water that is easy to maintain, less expensive, and less of a hassle. That's the Chlorine Genie

Commercial Pool Systems. is a leading Northern California Distributor of commercial swimming pool, spa and aquatic industry equipment and chemicals. Commericial Pool Systems. supplies on-site training and nationally recognized training programs such as National Swimming Foundation's Certified Pool Operators CPO course.

We're a Northern California based pool firm and have been in service since 1964. We are devoted to keeping our clients satisfied. Take a look at our photo gallery, and you'll see that we put our finest into every project to make it something you'll enjoy for many years.

Your options are virtually unlimited once you decide to make your poolscape dreams a reality. Whether you're designing a new pool or upgrading your existing backyard environment, we work closely with you to create an outdoor living area perfectly fitted to fit your lifestyle. Please call us to make an appointment!

We Have a Lot of Years under Our Belts. The Alder Group has been designing and executing pretty outdoor environments for satisfied clients since 1978. We present a mixture of industry experience, quality design, exceptional service and value that is unmatched.

We design all types of recreational and visual water amenities including naturalistic lake environments, decorative ponds, reflecting and fountain pools, and swimming spas and pools. Our specialists have the technical expertise necessary to carefully evaluate the requirements of each project in order to evolve designs that are both appropriate and effective.