Born on December 31st 1993 as a New Years Eve baby, I am now 20 years old. I attended Sherrard High School where I received my diploma and was a three sport athlete, I was Varsity captain of the basketball team for 2 years and our track team was undefeated. Iíve taken from those years the ability to push myself and push others to be our best and very well mannered. I grew up on Fyre Lake where Iíd fish every night and go tubing behind our boat on the weekends, I guess thatís where I developed my love for water. I bring high energy and a different point of view to work everyday and I am committed to my job. I can multitask as good as anyone and I above average computer skills. I am very independent and I love to be a problem solver, and fabricate, and come up with new ideas. I can promise I will give my employer my upmost attention everyday along with hard work.

Key Skills

Iím knowledgeable about bioguard, and spaguard chemicals for pool and spas. I have installed a few relay boards and pump systems for both hot springs, and hot spot spas. Iím knowledgeable of Watkins, Pentair, Polaris, and Hayward parts for both pools and spas. I understand that in this line of work an attention for detail is critical because the smallest part or mess up can cost you. Iíve pumped down and gutted pools and spas, found leaks and fixed them, been a part of over 50 liner jobs and re-fabrication jobs, and there is no water Iím afraid of getting into.

Performed work as a constructional laborer: constructing, aligning, and leveling steel walls and steps. I formed up rails for cement deck and troughed out both the cement deck around the pool. We do a portland/sand mixture for our pool bottoms. I have experience installing light niches, pool returns, in-floor fountains, main drains, and plumbing all of them to the filter pump etc. I have experience putting together and installing automatic covers. Installing and aligning vynal liners, cutting in main drain and outlets etc. I have been working closely with experienced veterans that have really taught me a lot about the pool and spa business along the way.

I am willing to go to school or take any classes necessary for a chance to build my way toward a well-paying career. I am a hard working guy with good intensions and looking for a chance to prove myself, I will do whatever it takes.

Educational Details

Graduated from Sherrard High School in 12'. I attended black hawk community college for 2 semesters studying business and working for Gannon Pool and Spa and I realized I want to do whatever it takes to make a good living in this career. And have been working full time ever since.

Acceptable Locations

Florida, Texas, Tennessee, California

Desired Salary

Upon Request

Total Experience

1 years

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Marcus McCreight

Phone Number


City & State

Coal Valley, Illinois

Zip Code


Street Address

8507 51st street ct.