I have had a successful Pool & Spa business operation in Northern Virginia for about 20 years and have decided to pursue further ventures here in Florida. I am
looking forward to a new career path that will challenge my extensive knowledge and abilities in any thriving Industry.

Dempsey’s Pool & Spa, Inc. – Northern Virginia May 1990 - January 2011
Owner / President / Manager of Business Operations
I have managed a profitable business operation for over 20 yrs. that encompassed multiple retail locations throughout Northern Virginia. As an owner and
manager, I oversaw the needs of a retail facility, its staff, and financial records.
As Service Manager, I initiated the hiring and training of various employees for both retail and service in the field, and brought a strong dynamic to the company.
I served as company liaison to strengthen customer relations and handled company advertising / marketing as well as vendor-client follow-ups.
I maintained yearly inventory for my Retail store and Service Department that included purchasing merchandise and consumptions.
My strength in organizing a season schedule for service appointments, as well as weekly / monthly maintenance contracts has made my business both profitable
and successful.
The skills I take pride in consist of swimming pool plumbing and electrical systems, as well as the installation of Loop Loc custom-fitted covers, filters, pumps,
heaters and pool cleaners.
My knowledge of all Pool and Spa chemicals is extensive and up-to-date, along with a complete understanding of water analysis and the effects of outside
sources on pool chemistry.
This includes: Overall equipment maintenance, D.E. and sand filters, valves, chlorinators, salt systems, maintaining safe sanitizer, pH, alkalinity and
calcium hardness levels, water clarity and algae removal.
Swim Gem, Inc. – Manassas, Virginia June 1987 – October 1989
Lead Service Technician for swimming pool openings, repairs, and weekly maintenance for all of Northern Virginia
Customer Service Representative for retail store, as well as chemical / equipment sales and water analysis technician..
College of William & Mary 1990 – BA degree
Osbourn High School 1985 - Graduate
Skills / Special Training
BioGuard Chemical School – Yearly since 1990 in various East coast U.S. states.

Key Skills

General Manager, Retail sales manager, service manager, advertising, inventory, customer service, extensive service knowledge, equipment installation, pool plumbing and electrical, water analysis and vast chemical knowledge.

Educational Details

BA Degree -- College of William and Mary
BioGuard Chemical School
Jandy Tech School
Polaris Tech School

Acceptable Locations

Tampa, Clearwater, Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties

Desired Salary

45,000/year minimum

Total Experience

23 years

Year of Birth

1967, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Patrick Dempsey

Phone Number


City & State

Tampa, Florida

Zip Code


Street Address

2423 Triggerfish Ct