Underwater Pool Masters. is a complete-service swimming pool and spa firm situated in Central Massachusetts. Our expert team is fully prepared to prevent, diagnose, or solve any problem with your pool or spa. In addition to Openings, Closings, and Maintenances, we provide all kinds of pool and spa renovations, repairs, and problem solving procedures for domestic and commercial locations.

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  City West Boylston, MA
  Zip Code 01583
  Address 541 Prospect St
  Phone Number (508) 852-0590

From Our Website

We can do the first major clean-up and vacuuming of the season to get your pool on the right track for the summer following your pool being opened for the season. We offer an initial, one-time maintenance which would normally be typical of pools that need to be cleaned after the pool is opened or has been closed for a number of seasons. This involves cleaning the pool, removing the bulk of debris. This would include two of our technicians to perform the job and are charged hourly. Please call for further details.

Underwater Pool Masters provides three types of Pool Closings to choose from for your Above-Ground or In-Ground pool. Prices vary depending on your unique pool and equipment. We can customize your services so you get just the right closing package for your needs. All closings are performed by knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Please call our office at (508) 852-0590 to schedule. For all closings, customers must have pool water lowered 1 inch below the skimmer if blow-out gizmo is NOT being used, electricity on and available, gates and doors unlocked, and all necessary parts (white/black plugs, gizmos, covers, water bags, air pillows, cables/winches etc.) available by the pool.

Come visit us at our "Tropical Showroom" where you'll find our dedicated staff ready to troubleshoot and solve your pool problems. However, unlike many of the chain stores, we will still give you personal attention in answering your questions. Our staff has the training, experience, and professionalism to solve your pool problems! Our retail store offers a wide variety of pool and spa chemicals, automatic pool cleaners, pool toys, and equipment. UPM uses the Lamotte water analysis computer program to test your pool water for the full range of chemicals.