If you think our store looks big, wait until you see our web page! It is chock-full of information over 200 pages if you were to print it all out. Whether you're purchasing a pool, hot tub, bar, billiard table, or casual furniture; you should find information to assist you make an educated choice.

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  City Amherst, NH
  Zip Code 03031
  Address 120 State Rte 101A
  Phone Number (603) 880-8471

From Our Website

Pool Service: Whether you're looking for help opening or closing your pool, or simply want someone else to take care of your weekly maintenance, we're here to help! Spa Service: You're probably not about to bring your spa or hot tub in here, so we can send someone out. We repair all major brands. We normally have a store-based spa tech in the store at all times so that we can troubleshoot many problems on the phone without having to send a technician all the way out to your house.

Every decision and action by every staff member is driven by four keys: 1. Safety, 2. Service, 3. Sale, 4. Efficiency. They are always in that order. We give each others small awards called "One of These" that I named after an old Rodney Dangerfield routine. When we see a co-worker exemplifying these keys, (plus extra hard effort, exceptional creativity, and great suggestions) we give them a note telling them "attaboy" and put a copy on the lunchroom wall. Once a month we draw a winner who gets a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant!

Purchasing an above-ground pool can be very simple or very complicated. We're happy to give you as much or as little information as you'd like! Come into the store and let us assist you in picking out a new pool to fit your needs, or help you maintain your pool the best we possibly can. Here at Seasonal Specialty Stores we sell the highest quality pools and pool supplies. We believe that your backyard oasis should be strong enough to last a lifetime, and beautiful enough that you'll be happy to see it do so.

Here at Seasonal we believe in providing our customers with only the best, which is why we chose Marquis Spas as our sole brand of hot tubs. Marquis is a leader in hot tub manufacturing with the reputation for making the most comfortable and easy-to-use tubs. Marquis is owned by its employees, but run by its engineers, which means their tubs feature the best engineering, best design, and best quality materials. These unrivaled tubs have cutting-edge electronics and software that produce beautiful water by automatically adjusting to how much you use your hot tub.

We carry the highest quality, comfortable, all-weather, stylish patio furniture made by America's leading outdoor furniture companies. Buy your set in-stock or made to order in thousands of colors and styles at no extra cost. With the highest quality craftsmanship, this furniture will last 15 to even 50 years, so make sure you like it. Our experienced and talented staff are always ready to help you find the perfect patio set.