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  City Richmond , TX
  Zip Code 77407
  Address 10639 FM 1464 Road
  Phone Number (281) 265-2774

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Poor communication, long process

I could not recommend this company to anyone. We are in month 5 of waiting for our pool to be done. Communication has been completely abysmal. The plan the decking people got was not the most recent one, so they pulled out landscaping that was supposed to stay. The company's response is to replace the plants, which they have now just done. When they were laying the flagstone coping around the pool (when the coping guys surprised us one Saturday morning), I liked it 'natural', not tiled.

When I spoke with the coping guys and then the GM, the GM told me I shouldn't leave it like that because if I ever wanted to replace the coping it would be difficult to match the pieces. That wasn't a good enough reason, so I told him I wasn't worried about it and to leave the coping as it was. The coping guys left. I spoke with the project manager Monday who told me I'd have to sign a waiver and that the coping would pop off if left the way I liked it. Upon hearing that, I immediately decided to do it the way they suggested. I then got charged a fee for the coping guys to have to come back out.

I don't feel that your average layperson would know enough to make a proper decision about how coping should be and seeing as how the GM couldn't tell me that the flagstone would pop off before the coping guys left, I feel being charged for them to come out again is incredibly unfair. We have had two project coordinators and two project managers, without explanation - we're just being juggled around with almost no communication. The decking is still wrong; they installed a 5 foot vertical drain and connected it to a 10+' horizontal drain that connects to another vertical drain that would empty into the grass, if the drain wasn't blocked, which it is. They have yet to fix this.

The other glaring problem with this scenario is that the more than 10 feet of horizontal drain is not sloped toward the emptying drain spout, so there is no way for the water to move to empty unless there is a lot of it. I foresee a lot of standing water (which will eventually mold) in my drain channels in the deck. The decking has also already chipped off, which is still not fixed. They will not plaster the pool until I give them the last little bit of money I owe them, and I refuse to do that until they address these problems. They don't view these issues as 'necessary' to finish the pool, so are contracting their guys to other jobs and leaving mine to "get to when they can". Apparently this is how warranty work happens with this company. So I will continue to wait and harass them.

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