We are building a new type of pool service and pool repair company. To achieve this objective, we stay focused on 3 pool service areas:

1. Unsurpassed pool service
We strive to make your experience great in everything from how we service your pool or provide one-time repairs, or how we resolve any billing or service questions. For pool maintenance los angeles.

2. Hiring the best pool service and pool cleaning employees
We believe that having the best employees will provide you with the best service. We have strict guidelines for hiring, and spend significant resources to invest in their careers. The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) and major pool equipment companies certify many service and repair techs.

3. Leading the industry in innovation
We are always trying to stay one step ahead to ensure you and your family receive the best service, the safest chemicals and the highest quality repairs. Our team is focused on evaluating and deploying new "green technology" solutions, sourcing the safest chemicals and implementing the latest technologies to reduce your energy costs.

Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to serving your needs.

Contact Details

  City Los Angeles , CA
  Zip Code 91306
  Address 20126 Lanark Street
  Phone Number (818) 599-7665

Products & Services

Pool Cleaning Services

Pool Cleaning Services

These services fit your budget. The staff of Los Angles pool cleaning companies is technically qualified and makes use of latest equipment and techniques of cleaning your pool. They also take care of other things like controlling your pool lights, repair and upgrade the energy saving standards of the pool pumps of the swimming pool and also maintain the complete hygiene of the pool.

Pool Repair Services

Pool Repair Services

Our expert professionals are capable to clean, to monitor ph levels and vacuum your pool efficiently and quickly. They also offer weekly maintenance where they visit your house weekly to maintain your pool. So, now it will be perfect for you to enjoy most of your leisure time in your maintained and clean swimming pool with your friends and family.

Customer Testimonials

Dear Wiley,
Thank you so much for all that you've done. Our pool has never looked this great since we've been here. I can't believe how much time and hard work you've put into making our pool sparkling blue again. We really, really appreciate your patience. Your service is 10 STARS!!! I would definitely recommend everyone to you!!!

Just wanted to thank you for getting the pool clean so quickly and getting the timer & filter back up and running so quickly and easily as well.

We just moved into a new house in Valley Village and the pool service had been meglected for more than a month. We hired a new pool service to get things cleaned up and to repair the non-functional timer and filter. Things got off-track when the new pool guy couldn't get the new timer that he installed to work, even after several house of trying. Then he disappeared altogether and stopped coming by to do any service on the pool.
After 3 weeks of this, we got in touch with Pool Jr. On a Sunday. Wylie called us less than an hour later and was at our house fixing things that same afternoon. The timer and filter were working within minutes and the pool was cleaned and looking great within an hour or so.
And this was all on the same SUNDAY!

Wyle, I am very happy that we made the decision to change our pool service to your Company, PoolJr. Our Pool and my Daughter's pool look so much better and you conduct yourself in such a professional manner that it is a pleasure having you as our pool service. When I called you last week that there was a problem with my Daughter's pool filter, you were at the house within a hour to deal with it recognizing that it could have been a serious problem. Thank you for your great service.
Stan Green

When my boys went back to school, I thought I would have to clean my pool myself because it would be too expensive for pool service. Thanks to pool Jr, I can have a clean pool while saving money and my back. I love you pool Jr

Hi Wiley, my wife just emailed me she said the pool looks great! Thanks, we really wanted to find someone who will be there consistently and do a good job thanks!

Wiley,I have to say that I haven't seen more professional and top quality pool service! You should be proud of your innovative and customer-oriented business. I'm calling every neighbor who needs this service - to tell them you get my AAA rating!

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