Pool geek will find your leak. Pool Geek is South Florida's leading expert in the detection of hidden water leaks. Our non-invasive detection methods result in less damage to your property with a higher success rate. Little leaks can cause major damage. If you think that a little leak is nothing to be worried about consider the following: 1. A 1/8 in. hole in a metal pipe, at 40 psi, leaks 2,500 gallons of water in 24 hrs. 2. A leak the size of a pinhead can waste 360,000 gallons per year, enough to fill 12,000 bathtubs to the overflow mark.

Serviced Areas

  • Dade, Broward Counties

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  Person POOL GEEK
  City Miami, FL
  Zip Code 33166
  Address 186 Westward Dr
  Phone Number (786) 333-8757

From Our Website

Pool Geek evolved from a traditional "mom and pop" swimming pool store in Brighton, Michigan. Founded in 1974 John Austin Pools, Inc. installed inground swimming pools, serviced swimming pools, and operated a retail store. In 2007, we launched our first website Spa Geek to try our hand at internet sales. We built the site 100 percent in house and shipped orders out of our back room.