We at Phoenix Products Company are eager to service your requirements and look ahead to assisting you expand your business. We provide quality chemicals for the Pool and Spa as well as the Water Treatment and the Cosmetic Industry. We supply contract packaging and private labeling service. Web site developed by Tortus Technologies.

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  City Plymouth, CT
  Zip Code 06782
  Address Container Dr
  Phone Number (860) 589-7502

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We can do as little as you need or manage a 100% turnkey product or portfolio of products. Our business consists of three segments, the first is Water Treatment, the second is Personal Care and third, Contract Packaging. The largest of these is our water treatment division, which supplies quality chemical products to the swimming pool & spa, commercial, industrial and potable water treatment industries. The second is our Divina Products/Personal Care division, which makes products for the Professional Hair and Nail Salon distribution channels.

Your pool and spa are a big part of your family's life. They are your personal retreats and backyard entertainment centers. This guide showcases the quality products that allow you to effortlessly keep your pool or spa clean, clear and refreshing. We encourage you to explore our array of pool and spa chemicals for helpful tips and information on keeping your pool or spa clean and beautiful. Water balance is an important part of pool and spa maintenance to prevent damage to equipment and allow the chemical products to work efficiently.

Committed to uncompromising quality and outstanding service, we are passionate about sharing the knowledge we've gained through years of experience so you can provide a higher level of service to your customers.