Providing in-ground pool installation, upkeep, pool liners, and repair to residents in Maryland.

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  City Baltimore, MD
  Phone Number (410) 242-2264

Customer Testimonials

Glenn and his team are wonderful. They are very accommodating and helpful when I call with any pool problem.

I had a prob.with pool skimmer leaking,no one was available. However it was memorial day weekend.leisure contracting was right on top!from the office skills of scheduling me an appt.Glen came to my rescue!finally just needing the screws to be tighter,glen tighten the screws ,and didnt charge me at all.i will definitelycall them in two yrs to give me inground pool.never will i own another above ground,then they were there to help a ten star for this company!,everyone must try leisure contractors..i was so happy with this service!that i can not stop telling my friends and family how great they were

Great service and follow up. There crew is the Best!! The Owner Glen is a hands on guy he is there from start to finish. This was a complete inground pool refinish. I could not be happier with the turn out and the end product. I would rate them at 10 stars. Just tell them what you want and sit back an watch it all come together.

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If you've ever wanted to have the fun and relaxation of a day at the pool without the hassle of packing up the car and dealing with the crowds, you've come to the right place! The fiberglass pool installation experts at Leisure Contracting have over 20 years of expertise in the industry - simply put, no one knows backyard pools better than we do! What can you expect when you hire Leisure Contracting for pool installation? At Leisure Contracting, one of the hallmarks of our success is our timeliness and our dedication to customer service at every step of the pool installation process.

Do you love relaxing by the pool in the summer but find that your neighborhood pool is just too crowded and noisy (not to mention kind of nasty)? This year, skip the crowds and consider installing a fiberglass swimming pool right in your own backyard! Fiberglass swimming pools are extremely easy to set up and are guaranteed to provide summer after summer of exercise, entertainment and relaxation - with no risk of stray splash bombs! If you've been thinking about installing a fiberglass swimming pool in your Baltimore, Maryland backyard, call Leisure Contracting today!