The water is crystal clear but is the water chemistry balanced? Is that crack in the deck behind the diving board something I should be concerned about? Let us answer these questions for you. Whether you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool or have owned your pool for years there is now a firm that can assist you sort through all the confusion.

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The fully qualified pool inspector at Clearblue Pool Inspection provides thorough swimming pool inspections to ensure that the property has a fully functioning, safe pool system. Our expert inspector will test all pool components, including enclosures, filters, heaters, pool interiors, decks, pool lights, coping, tile, pipes, gates, drains, salt levels, water composition, and more as part of the general inspection. Each inspection will include a detailed report that discusses the finding of the inspection to inform client's of any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades that should be considered.

Would you ever purchase a home without having a termite, radon, or home inspection? Of course not, then why would you purchase a home that has a swimming pool without having that pool inspected? Our goal is to provide you with a detailed report of the swimming pool and related equipment in order to give you peace of mind about your investment. The owner and lead inspector, Curt Slimm has been to all the training classes that the different manufacturers have offered. Everything from heaters to hydraulics and cleaners to chlorinators.