We manufacture the RIVER pool. The only electronically controlled swimming treadmill in the market. The water current adjusts to the speed of the swimmer. We do not sell pool supplies. Our new product, the "RiverXP" can be applied to an existing pool to generate a powerful current for swimming in place.

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  Person Central Dynamics, Inc.
  City Guntersville, AL
  Zip Code 35976
  Address 200 Avalon Way
  Phone Number (866) 392-2661

From Our Website

We are proud to announce a new, compact, self-contained system which can be applied to any existing pool! A swimming treadmill: Swim "in place" while the water flow moves towards you, like a river. The cost of the RIVER model, including the pool structure, the mechanical, the electrical and the electronics, is $20,900 plus $3,900 installation, plus shipping. It will cost you much less than a regular pool in maintenance and you will use it all year round.