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Did you know that insect damage within the United States have cost homeowners over 55 million dollars in property damage per year? Insect damage to pools is not as uncommon as you would think, most insect damage to pools can be dismissed as some form of accidental damage to the pool cased by chemical or human factors and therefore go undetected to an untrained eye. If you happen to find insect damage on your own we do not recommend buying pesticides from local home improvement stores. These chemicals are not made for pool application and may ruin your liner or leech through contaminating the pool water making it unsafe for you and your children to swim.

Electronic Leak Detection can locate pin hole size holes in a matter of minutes. It could take you hours or days and you still may not be able to locate an evasive hole. Scuba divers are extremely expensive and can't guarantee they can find the hole. We can establish if the leak is repairable or non-repairable, such as, a non-repairable split in the seam where the two sections of the vinyl are joined together. Don't let a small hole turn into a huge expensive problem later. Save money on liner replacements and water bills.

With 20 years of experience in above ground pools we can help you save time and aggravation, so you can enjoy your new pool faster or have it removed without the hassle. We give you peace of mind knowing that your new pool has been installed/removed by professional pool technicians! Let us walk you through the basics of installation and what we will need to know from you! Once we know some information about your pool we can get to work.

Is your pool liner leaking and you can't find the leak? Tired of endless hours of searching underwater with a foggy swimming mask for that tiny pin hole leak? Tired of getting a nasty sunburn on your back searching for that leak with dye markers and never finding the leak in the liner? We offer electronic leak detection and what may take you hours, days, even weeks to locate, we can find in minutes. Let us save you time and frustration by replacing that leaky old liner with a new one! We deal with all types of liner replacements such as Overlap, Beaded and Uni-Beaded/J hook.