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  City Fort Lauderdale , FL
  Zip Code 33310
  Address PO Box 9054
  Phone Number (954) 224-7733

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Great way to get rid of your pool
  • That her business actually exists and she hasn't been shut down

STAY AWAY -- DON'T LET ANA LABOSKY NEAR YOUR POOL & ESPECIALLY NEAR YOUR KIDS. HAS DOCUMENTED VIOLENT HISTORY & RESTRAINING ORDERS. Public records show she doesn't respect the law, so it's no surprise she starts out Diamond Briting your pool and ends up filling your drain line with cement. Can you trust a person who spends more time in court than running her business?
She's more interested in the extras she can sell you than in the work you contract her for and her basic spiel is that no matter what you call her for, your pool is all wrong. Everything is improperly installed and it passed inspection because your city is incompetent. No matter what, everything is improperly installed and has to be completely overhauled. Only the truth is that there is nothing wrong with your system and once she gets her hands on it, it will be a complete tear down. She has no clue what she's doing. She came to my home for what should have been a $100-$150 fix -- a clog in the line and in the impeller which she kept insisting was an impossibility. She wrote up an estimate for an improper installation claiming I had no suction line (?), I had no check valve (when I pointed it out to her, she didn't know what it was because she's a total incompetant idiot, she claimed I needed a new multiport sand filtre valve (I had a receipt proving mine was only 2 yrs old). After the incompetent dingbat left, I had another pool builder come out who says her mess ups are the main source of his revenue. His diagnostic report confirmed her diagnostic report was utter fallacy and BS and just her attempting to poach me for business. Additionally, he confirmed that my assertions that my problem was something lodged in the impeller were correct and if she didn't know that then she was dumber than dumb.
You've been warned. She has no business being anywhere near swimming pools and spas, except maybe to clean the garbage out of the scum gutters. I have forwarded my complaints to the State of Florida and to Hayward, Aqualine, the IPSSA and the National Spa and Pool Institute.

Value for moneyShe should be paying her customers for her negligence
Service & supportNonexistent
Overall ratingPoor